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Start your journey to better business networking by reading The Unnatural Promoter and The Unnatural Networker by Charlie Lawson. 

The Unnatural Promoter

How anyone can blow their own trumpet without feeling awkward

Why do some people have no problem shouting about themselves to get business, yet you find it so difficult?

You’re great at what you do/ You deliver an amazing product and a top-notch service, and your clients and customers seem to love what you do. 

So why aren’t you getting the opportunities that your rich talents deserve? Why do other people get all the breaks, even though they’re not as good as you? 

The answer is simple – you’re not blowing your own trumpet. 

In this enjoyable, engaging and highly practical book, self-confessed unnatural promoter Charlie Lawson shows you exactly how he overcame his own doubts and awkwardness to move beyond the negativity that’s so often associated with self promotion. 

The Unnatural Networker

How anyone can succeed at networking

Do you really enjoy networking? We’re all told we should networking. ut what if you find it hard to talk to people? What if you’d rather not go networking at all? Imagine you didn’t fear networking. The rewards would be immense. You’d build better relationships, meet new clients and bring in more new business. 

Charlie Laweson is an Unnatural Networker to the core. He shows you in this book how he went from being a complete non-netowrker to being confident to network anywhere, anytime with anyone. As head of the UK & Irelands biggest networking and referral organisation, BNI, he now trains thousands of businesspeople on how to do the same. 

The Unnatural Networker will help you to: 

  • Have the confidence to network 
  • Build a better business by developing an effective networking strategy
  • Remove the fear so you can actually enjoy networking
  • Generate more business through networking

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Charlie Lawson is the author of two books

The Unnatural Speaker

The Unnatural Networker – How anyone can succeed at networking 

The Unnatural Speaker

The Unnatural Promoter – How anyone can blow their own trumpet without feeling awkward

These books are available to purchase from our online store or from reputable retailers across the UK. As a leading expert on networking, Charlie can help get your delegates engaged and ready to network at your next event. 

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