The Value of a Smile

Man with face mask on

The Value of a Smile (even when wearing a mask) Lockdown. We all remember what that was like, don’t we? And while we definitely try to not focus on what was happening in the world at the time, sometimes, little reminders just pop up. This picture came up in my Iphone photo memories the other […]

Let me tell you a story

A mother telling her daughter a story

Let me tell you a story This story is about Deena, who is a lettings Agent. Deena received a call in her office at about 5pm on a February afternoon. On this particular day, it was raining. Being February, it was also virtually dark. The person on the line was a lady, and it was clear very […]

Do you recognise your networking opportunity?

Do your recognise your opportunity when networking? Hopefully, we all know by now that networking is about building relationships. If we go networking trying to sell, we’ll be doomed to failure, because no one ever goes networking with the intention of buying anything. This particularly applies when presenting your business when networking (whether online or in […]

How important is follow up?

How important is networking ‘follow up’​? You’ll often hear networking experts like me say that follow up is crucial. But what happens if you don’t do it? Surely it can’t matter too much, can it? I’d like to share a quick story about an early networking experience, that a) hopefully shows how much I’ve moved […]

Do you like to Self-Promote?

Sell Yourself Business Card

Do you like to Self-Promote? Just last week, I was in a sales meeting in the heart of the City of London. I was with a prospect that I was meeting for the first time, that I’d been referred to by a networking contact. I arrived early, did a couple of laps around the block […]

3 Networking Strategies Every Sales Professional Should Know

Networking Strategy

3 Networking Strategies Every Sales Professional Should Know I went to a networking meeting last week, where I met an enthusiastic salesman who was promoting a combined fire and security protection system. He shook my hand enthusiastically and proceeded to hard sell his amazing new solution that would solve all my domestic fire protection and […]

Does Networking Come Naturally to You?

A networking event with lots of people in attendance

Does Networking Come Naturally to You? A few years ago, I attended an old school friend’s wedding. David and I are part of a group of eight friends that have stayed in close contact. Today, with partners (and ever-increasing numbers of children), we’ve all remained close. David’s wedding to Lottie was on one of those […]

What Lawyers Love (and Hate) about Networking…

What lawyers love and hate about networking

What Lawyers Love (and Hate) about Networking… As a lawyer, you understand the importance of networking. Whether it’s building relationships with clients, connecting with other professionals, or just expanding your network, networking is an essential part of your business. However, it’s very apparent that there is a love-hate relationship with networking that can be both […]

What’s your referral strategy?

What’s your referral strategy? One of the most common things I hear from clients is how they’d like to get more referrals. But when I ask them what their strategy is to make that happen, they look blankly at me. Effectively, most people are waiting for them to drop into their lap. So how do […]

Do you share WHY you do what you do?

Why share what you do?

Do you share WHY you do what you do? When I wrote my first book, The Unnatural Networker, it took about 15 months to complete the first draft. There were two reasons for why it took what I perceived to be a very long time: Firstly, I only fitted in writing around my day job […]