Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably considering whether you should book Charlie to work with your team, or come and speak at your next event.

Obviously, the answer to that question is yes!

But you may well have a few questions, so we’ve put them all in one place as you might find them useful. If you’ve got any other questions not answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The vast majority of the time, I speak for a fee. There are occasions where I, like most speakers, choose to do a ‘no-fee’ or expenses only speaking event because there might be the right mix of potential clients in the room, I’m speaking for the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), or I’m helping a charity whose cause is important to me.

If I’m not the right speaker / consultant for whatever reason (fees or otherwise), I will happily try to refer you to one of the many other speakers and trainers I have in my network.

Good question, and it depends on the type of service you’re interested in. Breaking the answer down into my 3 key service areas:

a. Networking Consultancy Services: here, unfortunately, the only answer I can give is ‘How long is a piece of string?’ Every client has different needs – how many people do they want to upskill, what sort of productivity increase do they want to see, how quickly do they want to see that change? And so on. The best thing to do is just to pick up the phone and let’s have a chat.

b. Keynote Speaking Services: here I can be much more specific. Whether being delivered in person or online, my fees (including all expenses) are as follows:

· UK: £3,500

· Europe: £4,500

· Rest of World: £5,500

c. Speaker Coaching Services: I offer two options here. If you’re interested in getting ready for a single upcoming speech, the course is consists of five 1 hour weekly sessions, at a cost of £1,995. If you speak regularly and want to hone your speaking over time, then sign up for my monthly course at £495 per month (minimum commitment 6 months).

I get this kind of request on a regular basis, and I understand why people ask. It’s a difficult job putting on an event, and making sure it comes in within budget. But I won’t be able to help in this case. The event space you’re using will doubtless be charging you, and as the speaker (who the success of the event will often rest upon), I need to charge a fee too.

Of course! With networking consultancy services, you’ll be able to judge the value – how many new clients are your people bringing to your organisation? With speaking events, I’m very clear that I’m not a hit and run type speaker. I’ll turn up early, network with your delegates, bring your conference alive with a high energy talk and stick around afterwards for follow up too. As a conference organiser, my job is to make you look good.

Another difficult question – as every client and team differs. The information and training that your team will receive will give them all the tools they need to get out and network, as well as a good dose of motivation.

However, their success will depend on how important you make it for them: do you expect them to turn up to every session? (hint: yes, you should). Do you expect them to get involved and contribute in the sessions? (hint: yes, you should). Do you require them to complete the practical parts of the course in between sessions? (hint: yes, you should).

As with most questions like this, the more you and your team put in, the more (and quicker) they’ll get something out.

Similar to the answer above, it will depend on what results you want your team to generate. One of the key tenets of networking is that it takes time – so to expect immediate results from the very first session simply isn’t realistic.

If budget and time only allow for a ‘single hit’, then you would be better off booking me for a Conference keynote or Sales Kick off Day. This will, by its very nature, be a more motivational one off session – but it will give you a flavour for the content and value I provide.

No. Doing a shorter talk is actually harder to prepare and deliver than a longer one.

I’m sorry, but no. Firstly, my slides aren’t my presentation / training session – I am the presentation, and the slides wouldn’t mean anything without what I’m saying alongside them. For networking training, I regularly update the course as it goes along to reflect the learnings and experience of the group. I also like to create engagement and energy by putting in a topical or event specific slide (e.g. a picture from the event) on the day.

But don’t worry – I am very used to doing a quick change over, plus I’ll always be there early to check on set up too. All this information I is in my pre-event information that I send to my clients.

People say in their feedback that I’m a down to earth and relatable speaker, with a relaxed, non-formal style of communication. They often say ‘it felt like Charlie was talking to me personally’. My philosophy is to get people smiling and laughing – if they’re having fun, they’re more likely to be taking in what I’m saying.

The vast majority of events are ‘in-house’ or ‘closed’ events, so that generally isn’t possible. However, there are occasions where I’m speaking at a public event, and it is appropriate for people to come along. The best thing to do is to ask me if I’ve got any upcoming events where it would be suitable – if there are, I’ll let you know.

I prefer a ‘tie-clip’ or discreet headset mic, but I’m happy to use a hand-held if that’s all that is available.

No! Place me behind a lectern, and you lose a lot of the connection with the audience. If I’m free to roam, you’ll have a more energetic and engaging talk.

However I do like a table – somewhere to place my laptop so it is in sight (if no comfort monitor), and a drink of water.

Yes! I only eat blue M&Ms.

Not really – I’m a very reasonable guy, and I generally like to follow the rule: ‘treat other people as they would wish to be treated’, so if you simply ask me if there’s anything I need, I’ll give an honest reply!

Fun, engaging, practical, empathetic, impactful.

I’ve worked for

Charlie Lawson is the author of two books

The Unnatural Speaker

The Unnatural Networker – How anyone can succeed at networking 

The Unnatural Speaker

The Unnatural Promoter – How anyone can blow their own trumpet without feeling awkward

These books are available to purchase from our online store or from reputable retailers across the UK. As a leading expert on networking, Charlie can help get your delegates engaged and ready to network at your next event. 

Successful Client Stories

There are so many people in the world who need to learn the skills of effective networking and Charlie Lawson is the guy to teach it. I have seen Charlie in action and have been in his training sessions and I can say that he is a great instructor and coach. His training is actionable and can be implemented immediately. His materials are one of a kind and will provide you with a competitive edge in your career.
John Harper
I attended Charlie's workshop and my takeaway was that he is an excellent coach and mentor as well as a great networker. He offers very helpful and realistic advice on how to get over the fear of networking and how to make the most of your meeting.
Jennifer Duran
I wanted to find a way to help my employees face their networking fears and I found Charlie. His training and coaching has helped my employees to become more comfortable with networking and business has never been better.
Sophie Alden