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Experience in the world's leading networking organisation

Despite being an Unnatural Networker, Charlie gained much of his experience from leading BNI in the UK and Ireland. BNI is the world’s biggest and best referral-generating organisation, that uses networking to achieve incredible results for its members. 

Conference and Event Organisers book Charlie because not only are they getting the country’s foremost leading expert on networking, but also someone backed up by years of experience running the country’s biggest networking organisation. 

Even after all this time and experience, Charlie still finds networking unnatural and will be able to understand first-hand how you and your delegates may be feeling when they first walk into the room!

Engaging keynote openers for conferences

Charlie Lawson isn’t one for long, dull, and monotonous speeches. His keynote openers for conferences are lively, interactive and, most importantly, deliver clear action items for all attendees. If you are looking to give your delegates a break or a nap during the session, Charlie is not the right speaker for your event! For event organisers and managers who want their delegates fully engaged, have a great time networking, and get the most from your event, book Charlie Lawson as your keynote speaker today!

Will you benefit from Charlie Lawson's networking support?

‘Do I really have to go to that networking event?’

‘Everyone I meet at networking events is so dull’

‘Everyone hard sells to me at networking events’

‘I’m too nervous to go networking’

‘I don’t get any return on investment from time spent networking’

‘I don’t get any referrals’

‘I’m not comfortable asking for referrals’

If this sounds like you or your delegates, you will benefit from Charlie helping your team or delivering his keynote speech at your event!

Would you like to build your connections, raise your profile, and generate more sales? Are you someone that is comfortable sitting down for a coffee with someone and would rather do that than meet hundreds of new people? Are you looking to develop your career using the connections you already have?

Other networking keynote speakers give fantastic advice about networking, but they often make out it’s incredibly easy to talk to strangers – because they love networking and find it easy! Charlie is an Unnatural Networker and talks about networking from the point of view of someone who’d rather not do it at all (like most of the world’s population). Everything Charlie speaks about is honed from years of having to force himself to network, which means he really resonates with his audiences. 

Getting the best for your delegates and conference audience

When you hire Charlie Lawson to be the keynote speaker at your conference or event, you will be providing your delegates with the tools and understanding to network confidently and effectively. Your delegates will be able to generate more business through their networking skills, build a better business by developing an effective networking strategy, and, most importantly, remove the fear of networking, so it becomes an enjoyable experience. 

Charlie Lawson is the author of two books: 

The Unnatural Speaker

The Unnatural Networker – How anyone can succeed at networking 

The Unnatural Speaker

The Unnatural Promoter – How anyone can blow their own trumpet without feeling awkward

These books are available to purchase from our online store or from reputable retailers across the UK. As a leading expert on networking, Charlie can help get your delegates engaged and ready to network at your next event. 

I’ve worked for

Successful Client Stories

We asked Charlie to deliver a practical workshop to help our network of independent SME owners hone their networking skills. He fulfilled the brief brilliantly; giving them 4 key strategies to build long-term referral relationships from their networking activity. More importantly, he was a lovely guy - a warm and engaging speaker who had researched and therefore knew his audience. He built a great atmosphere in the room and my only regret was that we ran it as a breakout, rather than a full-audience session.
Kate Dilworth
It's a pleasure having Charlie in my network and being able to confidently refer him to my clients in the legal sector. We've met and spoken a number of times and he's a genuinely lovely person and expert in his field, drawing from his personal experience to make his service as authentic and credible as possible.
Laura Jiménez
I asked Charlie to present at our team meeting and it was a very good session. Charlie’s enthusiasm, knowledge, high energy and attention to detail was first class. There were many valuable take-aways from the Networking session and the feedback from the people from the Banking Interest Group call was very positive. Thank you for an exceptional networking event. You exceeded my expectations which were already high.
Pierre Montersino

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